More Features

  • Photo Library: You can write on ANY image of your iPhone's photo library, not only on the pictures you take with the app
  • Auto save: Don't worry about saving your pictures. Snap saves everything in the background so you can keep snapping and taking notes.
  • Geotag: Your location is saved on your image file, just like on the iPhone built-in camera app (iOS 4.1 or greater only)
  • Touch to focus: Touch on your screen to set the focus anywhere (iPhone 4, 3GS in iOS 4.0 or greater)
  • Touch for exposure: Touch twice anywhere to set the light exposure (iPhone 4, 3GS in iOS 4.0 or greater)
  • Flash: Control the flash on your iPhone 4 just like on the built-in camera app
  • Front Camera: With the iPhone 4, take pictures with the front camera just like on the built-in camera app
  • Picture quality: Choose from high quality or low quality pictures
  • Pinch and zoom: Add notes to specific areas with a different font size
  • Orientation: Portrait and landscape orientation when adding notes

Typical Uses

Snap! is the perfect app for a number of situations:

  • You're shopping for a new couch and taking a lot of pictures of your choices but later on you don't remember all the prices? Just write the prices on your picture. You can also write the dimensions, name of the store, name of the salesperson, anything! (See an example)
  • Just moved to a new house and need to remember the size of your rooms so you can shop around? Just take a picture and write down all you want.
  • Want to remember how this great wine you're drinking tastes like and how much it costs? Snap a picture of the bottle and write it all down! (See this in action)
  • Just met a few people and are afraid to forget their names? Take a group picture and label everyone. (See this in action)
  • Traveling? Write the names of all the places you've been so you don't forget when showing them to your friends. (See this in action)
  • Want to have some fun? Take pictures from your friends and family and add captions, subtitles and labels. Kids love to play with Snap's intuitive interface.


  • "Snap! is a photo annotation app that looks simple yet useful." -
  • "... the app does what it says! If you've ever come across a need to annotate photos, or think you could use something like this, then grab Snap!" - Christine Chan, AppAdvice
  • "Snap! was extremely easy to use and so practical. I can definitely see myself putting this app to use in my home." -
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